All the Most Spoilery Official Last of Us Photos

All the Most Spoilery Official Last of Us Photos
Jan 1970

After two months of recaps and video reviews, I can't believe HBO's The Last of Us is over. For now, of course. Season two (and probably three) is on the way, but for now, fans are left to wallow in the horrific actions of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and their impact on Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

Along the way you may have noticed, but maybe not, that most of the images io9 used to illustrate articles on The Last of Us didn't reveal much. That's because HBO would release only a handful of photos--all carefully chosen to avoid spoilers--before each episode aired. It was only until after the audience had time to watch the latest installment that the network would put out more specific, far more revealing images for use in press coverage.

However, since most of our coverage was pegged to each episode's release, we didn't get to show you all those images. Now we do. What follows are most of the spoilery images HBO officially released after each episode of The Last of Us aired. There are a lot and we'll start at the end.