Mother’s Day Gifts For Self-Care To Help Her Pamper, Relax Chill

Mother’s Day Gifts For Self-Care To Help Her Pamper, Relax  Chill
Apr 2023

These Mother's Day gifts are the ones to shop for the moms in your life that could use a gentle reminder to care for themselves, too.

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Oh, Moms. They work so hard! They do so much! They work, they cook, they clean, they plan, they drive you to places, they yell at you but ultimately end up being right about that one friend, and wholeheartedly devote their lives to their families.

The thing is, that all too often can end up flattening their identities into one word: Mom. But moms are so much more than who they are in relation to their families. We may not always appreciate it when we're young, but moms are fully-formed people with passions, and interests, and flaws (oh my!).

What I'm really trying to say is, moms are often so good at caring for everyone else, they forget to care for themselves.

That's why I've put together this list of Mother's Day gifts to boost her self-care regimen! Whether she's lighting a candle themed after her own accomplishments or snuggling into pajamas that don't have your community soccer league logo on it, your mom (or any mom in your life!) will appreciate these simple yet luxe gifts as much as you appreciate her.

Corkcicle Prismatic Coffee Mug

It's time to replace that free coffee mug your mom got as a bonus for signing up for something outside of a big box store with this insulated, iridescent, and built to last mug from Corkcicle.

Pour Les Femmes Cotton Pajama Set with Lace Details

Let's be honest: It's pretty sweet that mom still sleeps in t-shirts from your high school fundraisers and pants that she's had for so long, you don't even remember when she got them. (Okay, that second part is less sweet._ Still, a set of proper pajamas from Pour Les Femmes will show her how much you care.

Adriana de Moura Silk Turban

Upgrade your mom's sleep routine with this silk bonnet. It's designed to keep her hair smooth and frizz-free overnight, and may help extend the life of her style as well, according to the brand.

Sacheu Beauty The OG Kit - Slick Skin + Gua Sha + Roller

Per Sacheu Beauty, this gift set helps achieve glowing skin and a refreshed appearance -- not to mention, the relaxation going through the motions can help promote -- as all three pieces work together.

Candier Who Run The World Candle

Every time your mom (or a mom!) looks at this candle, she'll be reminded that you not only see, but appreciate all of the little things she does.

Hyperice Hypersphere Mini

With its three speeds and a "high-intensity vibrating core," Hyperice's portable twist on their classic tech "targets your tightest areas with precision to help you move better wherever you roam," according to the brand. If anyone could use some muscle relief, it's moms. I think we all know that.

Flowjo The Mom's Bucket List

Even moms burn out. Especially after the last few years, when they've been in on-and-off lockdowns with young kids that need 24/7 entertainment. Here, Flowjo's specialized "Mom's Bucket List" game includes "100 creative ways to play, connect and deepen your bond with your kids, from toddlers to teens," per Flowjo. Whether she only has five minutes to hang or needs to fill five hours, mom will find something in this activity set to enjoy.

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